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Arizona Car Accident Statistics

The best car accident lawyers in Arizona see far too many needless permanent injuries, surgeries, lost wages, and death every year that should have been avoided. As dedicated personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys, we would like to do whatever we can to see the number of these tragedies decrease, or even be eliminated. While we are always happy to provide an honest assessment of a serious injury claim to those that contact us, we would like to do our part to remind people of the importance of doing everything possible to avoid causing injury to someone else. The statistics show just how devastating car accidents in the state have become.

Almost all car accidents in Phoenix Arizona and throughout our country could be avoided. There are more than 6 million automobile collision that occur in our country each year. Of the 6 million car accidents, more than 3 million people are injured. Some people receive minor injuries while others are killed or receive permanent injuries from the negligence of another individual. More than 2 million people each year are permanently injured. What is most concerning is that there are more than 40,000 deaths each year due to automobile collisions. Fortunately, studies are showing that the amount of deaths seem to be decreasing. Given that most of these deaths could have been avoided, this number is still way too high.

Drivers could avoid car crashes if they were more responsible when driving. Drunk drivers are responsible for a significant number of the fatalities in the United States. Approximately 40% of the fatalities through out our country are because of a drunk driver's negligence. Speeding is also another reason for many collisions. Nearly 30% of the car accident fatalities in the United States are due to drivers speeding. Reckless driving accounts for 33% of the fatalities in the country. Reckless driving causes fatal collisions and typically a vehicle will go off the road or roll over causing injury.

Car accidents cause a death every 12 seconds. This is incredibly tragic when considering that almost every death could have been avoided had a driver been driving more responsibly. For those individuals aged 1 to 30 years old, the leading cause of death is an automobile accident. Lack of wearing seatbelts is a cause of many deaths throughout the United States, as well. Despite it being a law that people must wear their seatbelt, people still choose to disregard the law and the safety a seatbelt can provide, and choose not to wear their seatbelt. Not wearing a seatbelt and being involved in a car accident often combine to cause the person who was not wearing their seatbelt to be killed. Understanding that their life would have been spared had they chose to put their seatbelt on makes the loss seem even greater. Obviously, there are times where a seatbelt will not avoid catastrophe for the person, as we have seen far too many deaths caused to people who were properly belted. Still, it is a safety feature that can be life-saving and should be utilized.

One way in which drivers could act more responsible is by paying attention to the roadway more rather than using their cell phone, whether it be talking on the phone or texting. Surprisingly, a number of car accidents occur each year because people are eating or drinking while driving. We represented a client who was involved in a car accident that caused her serious injury because the other driver was reaching down to check on her crock pot. While reaching down to check on her crock pot, she rearended our client's vehicle. As a result, our client, an innocent driver who happened to be in the car directly in front of the Crockpot woman, sustained serious injuries. The case went to trial and we were awarded more than the adverse driver's policy limits and ultimately the insurance company paid the verdict. Still, had the driver been paying attention to the roadway rather than looking down to check her crock pot, our client never would have been injured. We would suspect that talking on the cell phone and texting will be the cause of more traffic collisions in years to come unless drivers start acting more responsibly.

Life is so busy for everyone that drivers often are in a rush to get where they are going so they speed, talk on the cell phone, or do other things that take their eyes off the road. It is important to always remember that when you are behind the wheel, act responsibly and remember that failing to be careful could lead to the severe injury or death of an innocent person in a car accident.

Choosing Breyer Law Offices is one of the most effective approaches to injury litigation in the state of Arizona. With extensive experience in collision injuries and wrongful deaths, our Phoenix car accident lawyers have the knowledge and skill which are necessary in successfully representing clients in complex injury claims.

At Breyer Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys offer free consultations at no further obligation to you. To find out about your legal options, please send us a message through our Website or call (602) 267-1280; (623) 930-8064; (480) 753-4534; (520) 624-4228; o para llamarnos en espaƱol, (602) 222-8787.

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